JAMES BISHOP, Ph.D. is the executive director of the non-profit Passionate Mind Institute. He is a writer, licensed psychotherapist, and educational psychologist whose research focuses on the study of people with exceptional talents. One of the leading authorities in the world on the philosophy and writing of Bruce Lee, Dr. Bishop is the recipient of the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation’s 2000 award for collegiate writing. He is the author of the books Remembering Bruce: The Enduring Legacy of the Martial Arts Superstar and Bruce Lee: Dynamic Becoming. On the subject of Bruce Lee and martial arts, he has written for Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Bruce Lee: The Official Publication of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Nucleus, Original Jeet Kune Do Quarterly, Martial Arts Legends, and Bruce Lee Mania magazines. Dr. Bishop is also the producer and director of the 2020 documentary, Building the Bridge: The Bruce Lee Philosophy Lectures in Ireland.

“James Bishop is one of the most prominent writers in the field of Bruce Lee’s thought and with good reason: he has a profound grasp of the depth of Bruce Lee’s ideas, and what they mean, into a spectrum that extends beyond the martial arts. — John Little

“Many have written about Bruce Lee, but few as eloquently as James Bishop. James not only espouses the principles of Bruce Lee’s philosophy, he extols them in his actions.” — Andrew Kimura